Simoa Cytokine Storm Profiling


Simoa Cytokine Storm Profiling

The use of Simoa™ technology to measure cytokines in both singleplex and multiplex configurations with excellent precision and limits of detection in the low fg/mL or sub–fg/mL levels, allowing robust quantification well below what is possible today.

Cytokines serve as critical modulators for the immune system. Maintaining the delicate balance in the level of these proteins is essential for overall health and immune response. As early signals of reaction to viral infection and acute immune response, measuring levels cytokines and chemokines in peripheral blood offer researchers and clinicians a means to monitor immune system dysfunction and progression to Cytokine Release Syndrome (CRS). New research is very quickly mounting around the risk of COVID-19 infection resulting in severe CRS otherwise known as Cytokine Storm.

Quanterix is enabling testing to:
  • Identify important ways to predict disease severity early on the disease course
  • Monitor progression and cytokine dysregulation
  • Quantify previously unmeasurable impact of drugs on disease progression

Simoa Cytokine Storm Profiling


Available biomarkers for studying Cytokine Storm

The Simoa technology is unique in its ability to simultaneously and precisely measure multiple cytokines down to baseline levels, enabling scientists to uncover a unique and comprehensive understanding of SARS-CoV-2 pathogenesis and host response.


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Samples require no pretreatment, no special handling and no molecular laboratory measures against carryover contamination associated with amplification methods.

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