The Simoa® Accelerator Laboratory

Biomarker Testing Services and Custom Assay Development

CLIA-Licensed Protein Biomarker Services Powered by Ultrasensitive Simoa® Technologies

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Access the Highest Possible Sensitivity through the Simoa® Accelerator Laboratory

Discover our collaborative approach for:

  • Custom biopharmaceutical research
  • Custom Simoa® biomarker assays
  • Clinical sample testing
  • Reliable delivery of results

Are you ready to expand the possibilities of biomarker science?

The Simoa® Accelerator Laboratory is a full-service center for biopharmaceutical research. The Accelerator Lab provides exploratory protein biomarker testing services for enhanced pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, efficacy, safety, and target engagement. Take advantage of our expertise and full suite of instruments to access custom ultrasensitive biomarker assays, conduct robust clinical sample testing, and enjoy reliable delivery of results— through a single streamlined service.

Work with our team of experts to meet your research objectives while reducing costs and accelerating your timeline to drug approvals.

    Why Choose the Simoa® Accelerator Laboratory?

    In our full-service center, you can access expert advice and rapid development of ultrasensitive custom biomarker assays. You’ll also enjoy a guided selection of the best antibody pairs and other biomarker testing services through the Simoa® Accelerator Lab. Choose between commercially available reagents, custom kits, or specific components built with your own proprietary antibodies.
    You can use your assay and defined protocols in-house or in the Accelerator Lab. Whatever you choose, expect tailored support from an experienced team of Quanterix scientists dedicated to sponsored research using Simoa® technologies.
    The Accelerator Lab gives individualized attention to each project. They can help your organization achieve its R&D goals by leveraging:

    • Longitudinal clinical sample testing
    • Flexible scaling to handle up to thousands of samples
    • Full QMS infrastructure for end-to-end project management
    • Custom assay development from Quanterix Simoa® experts
    • GLP/CLIA/ISO 15189 best practices compliance

    CLIA-Licensed laboratory powered by ultra-sensitive Simoa® HD-X and SP-X technologies
    Quantify proteins far lower than the Level of Quantification (LoQ) of conventional analog immunoassays
    The largest portfolio of Simoa® instruments enables flexible scaling to handle studies of one plate up to thousands of samples
    Full quality-management system infrastructure for end-to-end project management
    Sample testing for longitudinal and prospective clinical studies
    Custom assay development with the expertise of Quanterix Simoa® scientists
    Laboratory performance according to applicable GLP/CLIA/ISO 15189 best practices
    Exploratory biomarker analysis for enhanced PD studies
    Quantify proteins that are BLOQ in typical immunoassay platforms and access baseline analytes in healthy subjects and disease indicators
    Use your proprietary antibodies/reagents or commercially available reagents

    Ultrasensitive Simoa® Technology as a Foundation to Custom Biomarker Testing Services

    The Accelerator Lab is built upon solid Simoa® foundations. This digital immunoassay technology has revolutionized biomarker detection by giving researchers the ability to examine critical proteins at ultra-low, femtogram levels. The Simoa® digital health solution is enabling early disease detection and approaches to treatment.

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    A State-of-the-Art Facility Run by World Class Scientists

    Our CLIA-licensed lab powers groundbreaking Simoa® technology and helps achieve research objectives all over the globe.
    Quanterix’s team of dedicated scientists offer a depth of instrument experience and a breadth of knowledge on ultrasensitive assay development. Use their expertise to get instant access to Simoa® technology and personal guidance through the manufacturing process.
    For more information on assay development timelines, download our brochure.

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    The Simoa® Accelerator Lab in Action

    Learn more about how Disarm Therapeutics and the Quanterix Accelerator Lab are powering biomarker testing for axonal degeneration.

    “The Accelerator Lab, and Quanterix in particular,
    are the pioneers in this ultra-sensitive technology
    to measure not only neurofilament
    but other biomarkers. ”

    -Disarm Therapeutics, A subsidiary of Eli Lilly and Company

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