Unleashing the Power of p-Tau 217 for Alzheimer’s Disease Research

Welcome to Quanterix, your gateway to revolutionary Alzheimer’s disease research through our advanced p-Tau 217 assays. Our rigorously developed ALZpath and Janssen assays offer unparalleled sensitivity and accuracy, empowering researchers to unlock critical insights into Alzheimer’s disease pathology. Whether you seek the expertise of our Accelerator Lab services or the flexibility of our assay kits, Quanterix has the right solution to supercharge your Alzheimer’s research.

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    p-Tau 217 Offerings

    ALZpath Assay: p-Tau 217 Detection Made Simple

    Expert Accelerator Lab Services:

    • Elevated Expertise: Our seasoned Accelerator Lab scientists ensure impeccable ALZpath assay results, guiding you through every step of your research journey.
    • Cutting-Edge Technology: Witness the unmatched sensitivity of Simoa® immunoassays to quantify p-Tau 217.
    • Efficiency Redefined: Rapid turnaround times at the Accelerator Lab expedite your research, allowing you to make data-driven decisions without delay.

    Convenient Assay Kit Option:

    • Empower Your Research: Take charge of your experiments with the ALZpath assay kit, designed for seamless implementation and precise p-Tau 217 quantification on the HD-X.
    • User-Friendly Protocol: Our intuitive instructions cater to researchers of all levels, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free assay setup in your own lab.
    • Quantitative Insights: Trust in robust and quantitative p-Tau 217 measurements, empowering you with comprehensive data to drive impactful research outcomes.

    Janssen Assay (p217+ tau): Validated Excellence at Your Fingertips

    Expert Accelerator Lab Services:

    • Rigorous Validation: Rely on the Janssen assay, validated through multiple published clinical studies, ensuring consistent and reliable p-Tau 217 measurements across diverse sample types.
    • Customization for Your Goals: Tailor the design of your testing plan to your specific research needs, maximizing insightful results.
    • Scale with Confidence: Leverage our Accelerator Lab’s high throughput capabilities for large-scale Alzheimer’s studies and drug development endeavors.

    Elevate Your Research with Quanterix Accelerator Lab Services

    Quanterix’s p-Tau 217 assays, ALZpath, and Janssen, combined with the expertise of our Accelerator Lab, empower researchers to push the boundaries of Alzheimer’s disease research. Unlock the potential for groundbreaking discoveries and contribute to the fight against neurodegenerative diseases with precision and confidence. Choose Quanterix today, and together, let’s redefine Alzheimer’s research for a brighter future.

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