SP-X Imaging and Analysis System™

Simoa-sensitive™ multiplex biomarker measurement detection

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Simoa-sensitive™ multiplex biomarker measurement detection

Unleashing the power of next-generation Simoa® Planar Array technology for robust multiplex circulating biomarker detection at the earliest stages of disease progression – even at healthy baseline levels. The Quanterix SP-X Imaging and Analysis System is a complete benchtop system that offers true multiplex detection at both acute and baseline levels. For the first time, oncology and immuno-oncology researchers and others who rely on multiplexing capabilities have an easy-to-use platform to help optimize workflows, speed up their research and ultimately accelerate drug approvals.

Next-Generation Simoa® Planar Array Technology

Combines Simoa ultra-sensitive assay development and optimization with up to 10-plex multiplexing scale and flexibility


1000-fold concentration of assay signal and reduction in non-specific background

Compact Footprint

Requires only 11” (28 cm) of space with a built-in touchscreen tablet interface

Exceptional Optics

High-resolution camera and custom lens for optimal light collection; Imaging time <2.5 minutes per plate

Best-in-Class Analytics

Optimized image analysis with proprietary acquisition algorithms and machine learning maximize dynamic range and S/N


Low maintenance with no calibration required

Simoa® in Action:

Development of a high sensitivity 10-plex human cytokine assay using Simoa Planar Array technology

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Simoa® in Action:

A universal planar assay format for high sensitivity cytokine quantification in human serum and plasma

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