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Research organizations around the world are deploying Simoa® to combat COVID-19 and future pandemics with our full range of products, applications, and services. Simoa’s extreme sensitivity and specificity is enabling researchers to measure cytokine levels and profiles in non-critical and critical COVID-19 patients as well as asymptomatic and symptomatic patients.

We are actively seeking partners to work with us to develop viral loading and host immune response assays for both symptomatic and pre-symptomatic patients. Let us know if you have ideas, assays and/or key reagents that could be combined with Simoa’s ultra-sensitivity.

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Simoa® In Action:

Absence of Toxemia in Clostridioides difficile Infection: Results from Ultrasensitive Toxin Assay of Serum

Sprague et al.
Researchers used Simoa assays to detect toxins in plasma secreted by Clostridioides difficile during infection and found that circulating antitoxin antibodies may play a role in the absence of host toxemia.

Simoa® In Action:

Inborn errors of type I IFN immunity in patients with life-threatening COVID-19

Zhang et al.
In patients with severe COVID-19 pneumonia, researchers identified loss of function variants in 13 human loci that regulate TLR3- and IRF7-dependent type I IFN immunity to influenza virus. The impact of these mutations on fibroblasts suggests susceptibility to SARS-CoV-2, demonstrating the potential role of inborn errors of type I IFN immunity in severe cases of COVID-19.