Whitepaper and App Notes

Enhancing Drug Development: Leveraging Biomarker-Driven Clinical Trials


Discovery to Diagnostics Whitepaper Part 3

Neurological disorders have long posed challenges for research, leaving patients with limited treatment options. However, recent breakthroughs in disease-modifying therapies offer hope to those suffering from progressive neuropathies. Despite these advancements, transitioning therapeutic agents from research to clinical settings is a meticulous process requiring close collaboration between researchers, clinicians, and patients. 

Early-stage asymptomatic patients have the highest chance of benefiting from new treatments. Thus, identifying and recruiting these patients for clinical trials is highly important. However, a lack of early and sensitive screening tools complicates early disease detection and patient inclusion in cohort studies. Fortunately, blood-based biomarkers have emerged as a powerful tool for early patient identification and therapeutic response monitoring4. The ability to measure blood-based biomarkers associated with disease pathology in blood samples represents a pivotal moment for neurological drug development. The adoption hopes to usher in significant enhancements to clinical trial execution, facilitating recruitment processes, decreasing time and expenses, and ultimately increasing the likelihood of effective treatments. Download our whitepaper to learn more.