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Quanterix Outlines Partner Path With Labs to Expedite Building Global Alzheimer’s Disease Testing Infrastructure

BILLERICA, Mass.– Quanterix Corporation (NASDAQ: QTRX), a leading provider of ultra-sensitive research products and high-definition diagnostics, today announced a specific partnership path for laboratories interested in offering Tau based research and diagnostic testing services. Quanterix has secured over thirty U.S. patents protecting our innovative ultra-sensitive research products and high-definition diagnostics, and we continue to secure additional patent protection, both in the United States and abroad. Multiple patents—including U.S. Patent No. 11,275,092—are directed specifically to our novel approach to measuring Tau protein levels in biologic samples.

Those interested in building Alzheimer’s disease (AD) testing infrastructure should contact Quanterix to discuss potential partnership opportunities, including avenues for receiving a non-exclusive license to U.S. Patent No. 11,275,092, to measure Tau protein using Quanterix’s novel technique. As previously announced, Quanterix has already established collaborations with multiple health system entities to offer its instruments and assay tests to aid in the diagnosis and clinical management of individuals with AD. Those parties are thus already enjoying the benefits of Quanterix’s novel Tau measuring techniques. Parties currently measuring Tau protein in relation to a neurological condition in a research or diagnostic setting on any other platform risk infringement of Quanterix’s intellectual property.

For over 10 years, Quanterix has invested significant resources in the development of ultra-sensitive assay tests and enhancing research and diagnostics through improved accessibility to blood biomarker tests. We take this investment and efforts to invent and innovate seriously. With the advent of FDA approval of an AD therapy, Quanterix is focused on building the global infrastructure necessary for AD testing by expanding clinical access to Quanterix’s leading blood biomarker assays. Licensing inquiries can be directed to

In conjunction with this announcement, the Company will host a conference call on March 25, 2024 at 4:00 p.m. E.T. Click here to pre-register for the conference call and obtain your dial-in number and passcode.

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About Quanterix
From discovery to diagnostics, Quanterix’s ultrasensitive biomarker detection is fueling breakthroughs only made possible through its unparalleled sensitivity and flexibility. The Company’s Simoa® technology has delivered the gold standard for earlier biomarker detection in blood, serum or plasma, with the ability to quantify proteins that are far lower than the Limit of Quantification (LoQ) of conventional analog methods. Its industry-leading precision instruments, digital immunoassay technology and CLIA-certified Accelerator laboratory have supported research that advances disease understanding and management in neurology, oncology, immunology, cardiology and infectious disease. Quanterix has been a trusted partner of the scientific community for nearly two decades, powering research published in more than 2,700 peer-reviewed journals. Find additional information about the Billerica, Massachusetts-based company at or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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