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Enhancing Precision in Biomarker Detection: Advances in Reagent Design and Manufacturing


March 28, 2024



The utilization of ultra-sensitive digital biomarker detection, including NfL and p-Tau, has rapidly grown and is emerging as an industry standard evidenced by the growing volume of publications and the magnitude of ongoing studies. However, improving the conclusions of these studies requires increasing the comparability of measurements of very low protein concentrations over extended periods. To achieve this goal, several key advances in reagent chemistry, quality, and manufacturing processes have been made, resulting in the launch of Quanterix’s new assay platform, Simoa® Advantage PLUS. During this live webinar, Wesley Straub, Ph.D., VP of Product Management, and Kishore Malyavantham, Ph.D., VP of Reagent Research and Development, will delve into the role of reagent design and manufacture. They will elucidate how these key elements directly influence their application within studies. Through the presentation of example data and case studies, attendees will gain insights into how Quanterix instruments synergize with Simoa® Advantage PLUS assays to optimize study outcomes and maximize the impact of ultra-sensitive biomarker detection in research settings. 


Wesley Straub, PhD, VP of Product Management

Kishore Malyavantham, PhD, VP of Reagent Research and Development