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Simoa's revolutionary digital approach to immunoassays allows single molecules to be counted, delivering a roughly 1000-fold increase in sensitivity. This remarkable sensitivity combined with full automation unlocks a world of insight into disease detection, diagnosis, and patient treatment while meeting the demands of today's laboratory.


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Unprecedented Sensitivity

1000 times greater sensitivity than conventional immunoassays.
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Robust Multiplexing

Improve efficiencies and stretch samples with up to 10-plex assays.
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Complete Automation

Sample in, result out with an intuitive, user-friendly interface.
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Quanterix News

  • Publication: A fully-automated, six-plex single molecule immunoassay for measuring cytokines in blood

    May 14, 2015

    Rivnak, A.J., et al.,
    J. Immunol. Methods
  • In the News: Latest Draftees Could Benefit From New-¬≠Age Concussion Test


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  • Event: AAPS National Biotechnology 2015

    San Francisco, CA
    June 8-10, 2015
    Booth #408