Neurofilament Light Chain Assay

Advance your neurology research from discovery to diagnostics by reliably measuring neurofilament light (NfL).

The Quanterix Simoa® NfL assay is an ultrasensitive laboratory test designed to accurately measure NfL levels in serum, plasma, or cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) samples. This neurofilament light chain assay is performed using Quanterix’s Simoa® platform, a digital immunoassay technology that detects and measures low levels of biomarkers.


Benefits of using the Simoa® NfL Assay as a neurofilament light chain test

  • Highly sensitive and specific measurement of NfL, allowing for early and accurate detection of neurodegenerative diseases in research applications
  • Compatible with a range of sample types, including blood and CSF, making it a versatile neurofilament light chain assay

What is Neurofilament Light?

NfL (or Nf-Light) is a 68 kDa cytoskeletal intermediate filament protein expressed in neurons. NfL associates with the 125 kDa Neurofilament medium (NfM) and the 200 kDa Neurofilament heavy (NfH) to form neurofilaments. They are major components of the neuronal cytoskeleton and are believed to function primarily to provide structural support for the axon and to regulate axon diameter.

Neurofilaments get released, potentially in significant quantities, following axonal damage or neuronal degeneration. This positions NfL as a strong biomarker candidate for diverse neuropathological diseases. NfL assays that can accurately detect NfL in the blood and CSF offer valuable data for researchers investigating traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis, frontotemporal dementia, and other neurodegenerative diseases.

Applications and Intended Use

The Quanterix Simoa® NfL assay has been validated for use in clinical research and diagnostic research applications as a neurofilament light chain assay . The antibodies cross-react with murine, bovine, and macaque NfL epitopes. Researchers can use the assay for studies involving these species and humans.

The Simoa® NfL assay is a valuable tool for researchers studying neuropathologies. By measuring NfL protein levels in the blood, researchers can gain insights into the role of NfL in the disease process and accelerate the path from discovery to diagnostics:

  • Develop new diagnostics and neuro-prognostics
  • Identify and screen drug candidates
  • Validate newly discovered biomarkers

Compatible Instruments

  • Advantage Plus: HD-X
  • Advantage: HD-1/HD-X/SR-X

Simoa® NF-light™ V2 Advantage Kit Performance
  • Analytical LLOQ: 0.345 pg/mL
  • Functional LLOQ (serum and plasma): 1.38 pg/mL
  • Functional ULOQ (serum and plasma): 1440 pg/mL
  • Functional LLOQ (CSF): 34.5 pg/mL
  • Functional ULOQ (CSF): 36000 pg/mL
  • LOD: 0.085 pg/mL; range 0.026-0.162 pg/mL
  • Tests per kit: 96
  • Analytical LLOQ: 0.640 pg/mL
  • Functional LLOQ (serum and plasma): 2.56 pg/mL
  • Functional ULOQ (serum and plasma): 1440 pg/mL
  • Functional LLOQ (CSF): 64.0 pg/mL
  • Functional ULOQ (CSF): 36000 pg/mL
  • LOD: 0.141 pg/mL; range 0.021-0.814 pg/mL
  • Tests per kit: 96

Kit Contents

The assay kit includes all necessary reagents and controls to perform 96 tests, making it easy to use and compatible with various sample types.

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