Unlocking Insights with N2PB: Simoa® Neurology 2-Plex B Assay

The Simoa® Neurology 2-Plex B assay (N2PB) offers a powerful tool for measuring two critical neurology biomarkers, both in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) and blood samples. This innovative assay targets neurofilament light (NfL) and glial fibrillary acidic protein (GFAP), providing valuable insights into neurological conditions, particularly traumatic brain injury (TBI) severity.

NfL and GFAP have emerged as key indicators in the assessment of TBI severity, offering clinicians and researchers valuable information for diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment monitoring. By measuring these biomarkers, N2PB enables a comprehensive understanding of neurologic conditions, paving the way for more effective interventions and patient care.

Banyan GFAP™, a registered trademark of Banyan Biomarkers, is one of the key components measured by N2PB, highlighting its significance in TBI assessment and management.

With its ability to measure multiple biomarkers simultaneously and reliably, N2PB represents a significant advancement in neurology research. Whether investigating TBI, neurodegenerative disorders, or other neurological conditions, N2PB provides researchers and clinicians with the tools they need to unlock new insights and improve patient outcomes.

*Banyan GFAP™ is a registered trademark of Banyan Biomarkers

Applications and Intended Use

The Simoa® Neurology 2-Plex B Advantage PLUS assay is an ultra-sensitive immunoassay intended for the measurement of NfL and GFAP in human CSF and EDTA plasma samples.

Compatible Instruments

Advantage PLUS: HD-X
Advantage: HD-X/HD-1, SR-X

Kit Contents

The assay kit includes all necessary reagents and controls to perform 96 tests, making it easy to use and compatible with various sample types.