Human Eotaxin is a CC chemokine (β-chemokine) composed of 74 amino acids (molecular weight 8.4 kDa), and is one of a subfamily of eosinophil chemotactic proteins produced by a number of normal cells and cell lines. Eotaxin plays a role in the coordination of recruitment of inflammatory cells, in particular eosinophils, to sites of allergic inflammation. There are three family members of CC chemokines: CCL11 (Eotaxin-1); CCL24 (Eotaxin-2); CCL26 (Eotaxin-3). The chemokine CCL11 has been found in higher concentrations in people suffering from schizophrenia. Additionally, plasma levels of CCL11 have recently been shown to increase with age and with cognitive deficits and hippocampal neurogenesis.