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Blood Will Tell
The ability to detect neurological biomarkers at ultra-low levels, which have traditionally only been detectable in cerebrospinal fluid, will transform the way brain injuries and diseases are diagnosed.Learn more about how the Simoa Platform can advance your CNS biomarker detection! 
Neurology Assays
Simoa assays can detect biomarkers associated with brain injury and disease at much earlier stages to understand the long term effects and disease pathology.
The Simoa HD-1 Analyzer™ is a fully automated instrument for running immunoassays using Quanterix’ proprietary single molecule array, or Simoa, platform.
Quanterix Lab Services provides a dedicated laboratory environment for digitized biomarker research, custom assay development and clinical sample testing.
Simoa assays are designed for the HD-1 Analyzer to provide researchers ultra-sensitive analysis of protein concentration with high precision and performance required to meet the needs of discovery and pre-clinical research.