About Our Cardiology Assays

Simoa assays can detect cardiac biomarkers, which are instrumental for predicting major adverse cardiovascular events, development of heart failure or transition to end-stage kidney disease, earlier than ever before. Further, the ability to detect minute changes in these biomarkers enables the identification of at-risk patients earlier in their disease progression to guide more personalized, preventive care.

Infectious Disease

About Our Infectious Disease Assays

Simoa assays can have a significant impact in reducing the spread of the disease by making early stage detection more widely available.


About Our Inflammatory Assays

Simoa assays can measure inflammatory and anti-inflammatory molecules in serum and plasma with unprecedented sensitivity enabling new discoveries into the role of inflammation in the biology of health and disease.


About Our Neurology Assays

Simoa assays can detect biomarkers associated with brain injury and disease at much earlier stages to understand the long-term effects and disease pathology. Quanterix has a strategic focus in neurology and neurodegeneration and is working with a rapidly growing network of academic researchers and pharmaceutical and biotech partners to drive advancements in head health research.


About Our Oncology Assays

Simoa assays can be used to monitor cancer risk, identify early stage cancers and discriminate between benign and malignant cells. Simoa biomarkers can be used prognostically to predict disease outcome, predict progression free survival and monitor reoccurrence. Assays can also be used to monitor sensitivity to therapy and to aid in treatment decisions.