Whitepaper and App Notes

Powering Oncology Research with Simoa® Technology 


Publication Brief

The ability to measure oncology biomarkers at ultra-low levels using Simoa® technology holds great promise for cancer research and clinical practice. Simoa® immunoassays can potentially serve as tools aiding in a range of critical functions in oncology, from early detection and risk assessment to distinguishing between benign and malignant tumors. Additionally, oncology biomarkers also have the potential to be used prognostically, providing insights into disease outcomes and progression-free survival, while also facilitating the monitoring of cancer recurrence and sensitivity to therapy. In essence, Simoa® technology has the potential to transform the landscape of oncology by offering precise and ultrasensitive measurements of cancer-related biomarkers, which may lead to earlier detection, more personalized treatment approaches, and improved patient outcomes. Download our publication brief to learn more and to view a sampling of peer-reviewed studies using Simoa® in oncology research.