Infectious Disease


Infectious Disease

Powering Epidemic Prevention

The ability to detect infectious disease biomarkers before the onset of an immune response, while a virus is most contagious and multiplying rapidly, is critical for controlling the spread of disease. Infectious disease is one of the hottest areas of research today and researchers continue to seek ways to detect and diagnose infections earlier and more accurately.

Simoa assays have the potential to have a significant impact in reducing the spread of the disease by making early stage detection more widely available.

Infectious Disease Assays
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Samples require no pretreatment, no special handling and no molecular laboratory measures against carryover contamination associated with amplification methods.

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In this brief report, we tested cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) samples from 15 study participants for p24 antigen using a high sensitivity assay.
Bonnie Howell, Executive Director at Merck, discusses the use of ultrasensitive Quanterix technology to develop novel therapies for HIV and shares her hopes for a future world, free of the disease