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Evaluation Of Single Molecule Array Digital Immunoassay Technology To Quantitate Neurofilament Light Chain


Midde KK, Broadnax A, Binion B, Oglesby T, Harman J, Edwards M, Myler H, Matys K and Bennett P.

Bioanalysis. 2020.




Globally, neurodegeneration accounts for significant morbidity and mortality among the elderly. Millions of people are afflicted with neurodegenerative diseases, with the most notable cases attributed to Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s, Amyotrophic Later Sclerosis and Parkinson’s diseases. Sensitive assays that can detect proteopathic anomalies indicative of early neurodegeneration have remained elusive. Therefore, there is an urgent need for sensitive diagnostic and prognostic biomarker assays that can guide the therapeutic regimen in the clinic. 

Materials & methods: 

Single molecule array digital immunoassay platform has sensitivity about 1000-fold higher than traditional ligand binding assays. Consequently, we are now beginning to implement ultrasensitive techniques in bioanalysis. 


In the current study, we evaluated single molecule array technology and report specifications to quantitate neurofilament light chain, a bona-fide biomarker for neurodegeneration. Preliminary neurofilament light screening results from 100 human geriatric cerebrospinal fluid samples displayed huge biological variation and warrants further investigation.