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Powering IFN-α Research with Ultra-Sensitive Simoa® Technology


Publication Brief

Type 1 Interferons (IFNs) are a family of cytokines that play a central role in orchestrating the immune response to viral infections. Among them, IFN-α is the most studied subclass, comprising of 13 subtypes. These IFN-α subtypes are low-abundance yet highly potent proteins. Dysregulated IFN-α levels can adversely affect human health and have been implicated in the pathogenesis of various autoimmune conditions, as well as correlated with more severe disease outcomes. IFN-α holds significant promise as a biomarker for diagnosing, stratifying, and monitoring diseases, as well as a target for therapeutic approaches. Download our publication brief to learn more and to view a sampling of peer-reviewed research using Simoa® technology.