Whitepaper and App Notes

Blood-Based Biomarkers for Detecting Military-Related Head Injuries


Publication Brief

Mild traumatic brain injuries (TBls) and concussions may be associated with long-term neurological issues. In military service member populations, over 460,000 TBIs have been reported since 2000 (1). While many TBIs are reported in deployed settings, the vast majority occur in non-combat settings. For instance, military service academy cadets represent a group of healthy, young individuals at an increased risk of mild TBI due to combative training exercises, sports, and recreational activities. Aside from long term neurological impacts, TBIs also impact mission readiness and deployment short-term. Blood-based biomarkers may be critical to informing diagnosis of TBI/concussion for immediate decision-making such as return to unit decisions, as well as long-term treatment and prevention methods. Download our flyer to learn more.