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Why Industry Leaders Are Choosing The Simoa® Technology For Phase I – IV Clinical Studies


24 April 2019

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11:00 AM, Virtual

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Join Dr. Maribeth Raines, Vice President of Laboratory Services at Pacific Biomarkers and Kevin Hrusovsky, CEO and Chairman of Quanterix as they discuss how the next generation Simoa SP-X™ Imaging and Analysis System and CorPlex™ Assays are helping accelerate clinical trials and drug development programs. . Dr Raines will share specific examples of how these single- and multiplex assays provide CROs like Pacific Biomarkers with the resources to support Phase I-IV clinical trials more effectively.

Learning Objectives at this Complimentary Webinar:

  • Understand how top CRO labs are utilizing the Simoa SP-X Imaging and Analysis System
  • Highlight select Simoa assays (single and multiplex) and how they benefit clinical trials
  • Understand the role of novel biomarker detection technologies in clinical trial endpoint considerations
  • Learn about specific examples of utilizing novel biomarker detection technologies to advance the understanding of drug efficacy, toxicity, dosage response, and other parameters