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Ultra-sensitive Immunoassays: Beyond Biomarkers And Into PK And Immunogenicity


21 June 2018

time & location

11:00AM, Virtual

Speaker:  Dan Sikkema, PhD, Vice President Biomarker Services, Quanterix
Moderator: Dr. Jayshan Carpen, Moderator, Nature Research

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Ultra-sensitive immunoassays are providing key pharmacologic data to advance complex drug development pipelines across all therapeutic areas. In addition to biomarker analysis, researchers now utilize SIMOA (Single Molecule Array) for PK and immunogenicity applications to solve complex issues such as drug tolerance and neutralizing antibody characterization for immunogenicity. Given the rapid uptake of new programs in Immuno-Oncology (including Liquid Biopsy), this presents many opportunities to further enhance the understanding of this rapidly advancing field of study that will lead to new predictive and companion diagnostics. 

During this webcast you will learn/our speaker will address: 

  • Latest advances in biomarker testing and applications
  • Measure biomolecules approximately 1000x more sensitively than prior generations of immunoassay technology
  • Solve drug tolerance and characterization issues for immunogenicity