The ability to detect cardiac biomarkers at ultra-low levels is advancing the future of heart health.

Simoa assays have the potential to detect cardiac biomarkers, which are instrumental for predicting major adverse cardiovascular events, development of heart failure or transition to end-stage kidney disease, earlier than ever before. Further, the ability to detect minute changes in these biomarkers could enable the identification of at-risk patients earlier in their disease progression to guide more personalized, preventive care. 

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Quanterix' digital health solution, Simoa, is changing the way researchers, academics and drug manufacturers measure and predict adverse cardiovascular events. Quanterix' focus in cardiology is growing with a network of academic researchers and pharmaceutical and biotech partners. Learn about Simoa's application in cardiology by exploring our scientific publications and journals.

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Quanterix Diamond Level Sponsorship Presentations at EBF 2020:  November 17 (Day 1) – Breakout 2 Enhanced usage of high sensitivity LBA technologies
Chiba K, Ishizaka T, Yoshimatsu Y, Mikamoto K, Maeda Y, Iguchi T, Shirai M, Yamaguchi T, Goto K, Sakurai K, Tamai S, Kataoka H, Hasegawa M and Mori K J Pharmacol Toxicol Methods. 2020 Apr 27:106870

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