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Simoa® Advantage PLUS: Improving Precision, Consistency, and Sustainability in Biomarker Research

In the world of biomarker research, the need for data precision, consistency and sustainability has never been more crucial. As a testament to our commitment to delivering the gold standard in biomarker assays, Quanterix has introduced its latest platform improvement – Simoa® Advantage PLUS. This latest advancement in Research Use Only (RUO) assays combines valuable customer insights with next generation chemistry to deliver better support for large-scale studies and longitudinal data analysis.

Enhanced Lot-to-Lot Consistency

One of the key features of Simoa® Advantage PLUS is its enhanced lot-to-lot consistency. Improved protocols and manufacturing methods ensure that each kit delivers consistent and reliable results across multiple lots. This improvement not only boosts the confidence of researchers in their data but also streamlines the analytical process.

Increased Lot Sizes

New efficiencies in manufacturing processes have enabled the production of larger lot sizes. This is an advancement for researchers engaged in large-scale studies, providing the convenience of bulk ordering without compromising on the reliability of results.

Efficient Storage and Shipping

Innovative packaging and reagent improvements have improved the storage and shipping of Simoa® Advantage PLUS kits. Components are consolidated into a single box, making storage at 2-8°C efficient. Not only does this save valuable laboratory space, but it also eliminates the need for freezer storage and dry ice during shipping, contributing to a more sustainable approach.

Frequently Asked Questions about Simoa® Advantage PLUS

What is the significance of enhanced lot-to-lot consistency?

Enhanced lot-to-lot consistency ensures that results remain reliable and reproducible across multiple lots, providing researchers with confidence in their data. Additionally, Simoa® Advantage PLUS enhances data precision by capturing and discriminating subtle differences in samples across lots, facilitating more accurate long-term analysis and conclusions. Researchers can trust that the nuances in their data are not lost, leading to more robust and reliable findings.

Can Simoa® Advantage PLUS accommodate large-scale research studies?

Yes, the increased lot sizes and enhanced lot-to-lot reliability make Simoa® Advantage PLUS ideal for supporting large-scale and longitudinal research studies with unparalleled consistency. Greater lot sizes allow large studies that prefer single-lot sourcing to make one bulk order with confidence, ensuring uniformity throughout the study. Researchers can embark on ambitious projects with confidence, knowing that Simoa® Advantage PLUS provides the consistency required for meaningful and reproducible results.

How does Simoa® Advantage PLUS contribute to environmental sustainability?

Simoa® Advantage PLUS reduces its carbon footprint through a streamlined single box, efficient storage at 2-8°C, and reduced shipping packaging, thereby decreasing overall energy consumption and associated emissions. Researchers can now contribute to scientific advancements while being mindful of their environmental impact.

Does Simoa® Advantage PLUS maintain its sensitivity levels?

The robustness of assay parameters in Simoa® Advantage PLUS ensures that the sensitivity levels you have come to rely on, a hallmark of Quanterix’s Simoa® technology, remain unchanged.

What differs between current assay protocols and Simoa® Advantage PLUS?

Lyophilized Calibrators and Controls: The calibrators and controls consist of lyophilized concentrate that must be reconstituted. After reconstitution, the user will serially dilute the reconstituted concentrates according to the Simoa® Advantage PLUS kit instructions to generate a calibration curve. This change to lyophilized concentrates and controls from frozen allows the entire kit to be stored together within a single box at 2-8°C.

RGP 2.0: The user will add activation buffer to RGP 2.0 prior to use. The change significantly extends the RGP shelf-life without impacting assay performance.

Assay Definition: A new user assay definition must be imported onto the instrument prior to initiating runs. This will ensure that images from the Advantage PLUS assays will be analyzed correctly.

Power Your Research with Simoa® Advantage PLUS

Simoa® Advantage PLUS synergizes Quanterix’s instrument technology and Simoa® ultra-sensitive digital immunoassays to enhance the precision, consistency, and sustainability of your biomarker research. Seize the opportunity to transform your data collection and analysis with this leading-edge solution.

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