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Simoa Human Neurology 3-plex A (N3PA) Immunoassay Measures Amyloid BETA1-42, Amyloid BETA1-40 And TAU In Blood And CSF Samples Simultaneously

AAIC 2017

Lei Chang, Dandan Shan, Jason Wickman, Marcella Holdridge, Christina Raso, David Wilson 


Tau and Amyloid beta have been considered as major proteins that related to Alzheimer’s disease pathology. Blood Tau only became reliably detected recently. Multiplexed measurement of Amyloid beta1-42 (Aβ 42), Amyloid beta1-40 (Aβ40) and total tau in serum, plasma and CSF continues to be challenging, especially for normal healthy individual. Here we report  an automatic multiplexing assay of total Tau, Amyloid beta 1-42 and Amyloid beta 1-40. This fully automated digital immunoassay can measure above 3 biomarkers in serum, plasma and CSF in both healthy and diseased individuals.