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Science Is 1% Inspiration And 99% Biomarkers

Multiple Sclerosis Journal| May 24, 2017

Nicolas Dubuisson, Fabiola Puentes, Gavin Giovannoni and Sharmilee Gnanapavan
Journal of Multple Sclerosis
DOI: 10.1177/1352458517709362


Neurodegeneration plays a key role in multiple sclerosis (MS) contributing to long-term disability in patients. The prognosis is, however, unpredictable coloured by complex disease mechanisms which can only be clearly appreciated using biomarkers specific to pathobiology of the underlying process. Here, we describe six promising neurodegenerative biomarkers in MS (neurofilament proteins, neurofilament antibodies, tau, N-acetylaspartate, chitinase and chitinase-like proteins and osteopontin), critically evaluating the evidence using a modified Bradford Hill criteria.