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Navigating Choice In Multiple Sclerosis Management


Linker RA and Chan A

Neurological Research and Practice2019 1:5




With the advent of modern immunotherapies for relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS) and the increasing amount of treatment options on the market, MS has evolved as a treatable disease. Yet, at the same time, new challenges for the treating neurologists arise.

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This review article covers some of these challenges, including when and how to start treatment, treatment monitoring, and finally considerations on what the increasing choice in treatment options brings to disease management and longer-term planning. Among others, these important issues comprise pregnancy, treatment sequencing, switching or even stopping treatment.


The ultimate goal for navigating choices in RRMS management is to choose the right drug for the right patient at the right time Throughout the article, there is a strong focus on practical aspects and individual decision making in MS to meet the concept of personalized medicine.