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Microfluidics-based technologies for the analysis of extracellular vesicles at the single-cell level and single-vesicle level

Chinese Chemical Letters | September 24, 2021

Zhu F, Ji Y, Deng J, Li L, Bai X, Liu X, Lin B and Lu Y

Chinese Chemical Letters. 2021


Extracellular vesicles (EVs) are membrane vesicles secreted by cells, playing critical roles in mediating intercellular communications for various physiological and pathological processes. Most of the EV analysis is currently performed at the bulk level, obscuring the origin of the EVs and diverse characteristics of the individual extracellular vesicle. Technologies to analyze the extracellular vesicles at the single-cell and single-vesicle levels are needed to evaluate EV comprehensively and decode the heterogeneity underlying EV secretion. Microfluidic platforms that could control and manipulate fluids at the microscale provide an efficient way to achieve the aims. Various microfluidics-based technologies are emerging to realize single-cell EV secretion analysis and single EV analysis, which would be summarized in this mini-review.