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Immunocapture Strategies In Translational Proteomics


Fredolini C, Bystrom S, Pin E, Edfors F, Tamburro D, Iglesias MJ, Haggmark A, Hong MG, Uhlen M, Nilsson P and Schwenk JM

Expert Review of Proteomics

DOI: 10.1586


Aiming at clinical studies of human diseases, antibody-assisted assays have been applied to biomarker discovery and toward a streamlined translation from patient profiling to assays supporting personalized treatments. In recent years, integrated strategies to couple and combine antibodies with mass spectrometry-based proteomic efforts have emerged, allowing for novel possibilities in basic and clinical research. Described in this review are some of the field’s current and emerging immunocapture approaches from an affinity proteomics perspective. Discussed are some of their advantages, pitfalls and opportunities for the next phase in clinical and translational proteomics.