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Efficient Extraction Of Intact HSA-aβ Peptide Complexes From Sera: Toward Albuminome Biomarker Identification


Rossi E, Tran NT, Hirtz C, Lehmann S and Taverna M.



The performances of three commercial albumin extraction methods for the isolation of intact albumin-amyloid beta peptide (HSA-Aβ) complexes from serum were compared using different analytical approaches. To determine the extraction yield, the repeatability and the selectivity of the extraction procedures, a capillary electrophoresis coupled to UV detection method was developed. For the evaluation of the specificity and integrity of the extracted HSA-Aβ complexes, SDS-PAGE, hybrid and ultra-sensitive ELISA experiments were conducted. All the extraction methods showed different characteristics depending on their chemical binding affinities toward albumin. The ProteoExtract Albumin Depletion kit extracted albumin with a high repeatability but was not efficient for the extraction of intact HSA-Aβ complexes. The PureProteome Albumin magnetic beads showed a high specificity toward HSA thanks to the grafting of anti-HSA antibodies on their surface but tended to dissociate HSA from Aβ peptides. The Pierce Albumin depletion kit showed a high extraction yield, no selectivity towards the different albumin proteoforms and proved to be the most efficient method for the extraction of intact HSA-Aβ complexes from serum.