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Digital Elisa Of HIV P24 Capsid Protein With Sensitivity Of Nucleic Acid Amplification Tests


L. Chang, L. Song, P. Patel, E. P. Ferell, C. W. Kan, B. A. Pink, K. A. Minnehan, D. W. Hanlon, D. F. Fournier, D. C. Duffy, D. H. Wilson.

Quanterix Corp, Cambridge, MA

Background: Nucleic acid amplification techniques such as PCR have become the mainstay for ultimate sensitivity for detecting low levels of virus, including human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). As a sophisticated technology with relative expensive reagents and instrumentation, adoption of Nucleic Acid testing (NAT) can be cost inhibited in some settings. We report a simple low cost digital immunoassay for the p24 capsid protein of HIV. Single Molecule Arrays (SiMoA, or digital ELISA) technology enables three logs greater sensitivity than conventional immunoassays. Comparable sensitivity to NAT for detection of acute HIV infection is demonstrated.