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Development Of A Specific Immunoassay To Selectively Measure Active Tryptase In Airway Samples


Sperinde G, Bremer M, Maun HR, Baruch A, Lazarus RA, Koerber JT, Vij R, Yi T, Fischer SK and Staton T.

Bioanalysis. 2020 Sep 25

DOI: 10.4155/bio-2020-0182

This study was peformed using a Simoa® Homebrew assay.



Tryptase is a tetrameric trypsin-like serine protease contained within the secretory granules of mast cells and is an important mediator of allergic inflammatory responses in respiratory diseases. Detection of active tryptase in the airway may provide important information about asthma and other respiratory diseases. 

Materials & Methods: 

An activity based probe has been incorported within an immunoassay to allow for measurement of active tryptase in human tissues. 


A specific Simoa immunoassay to measure active tryptase in nasosorption samples was developed and qualified using an activity-based probe label and a specific antitryptase capture antibody. 


The assay was capable of measuring active tryptase in human samples, which will enable evaluation of the role of tryptase proteolytic activity in human disease.