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Amelioration Of Covid‐19 Related Cytokine Storm Syndrome: Parallels To Chimeric Antigen Receptor‐T Cell Cytokine Release Syndrome​​​​​​​.


Hoiland R, Stukas S, Cooper J, Thiara S, Chen LYC, Biggs CM, Hay K, Lee AYY, Shojania K, Abdulla A, Wellington CL, Mypinder SS.

Br J Haematol . 2020 Jun 25



Coronavirus disease‐2019 (COVID‐19) severity appears to parallel the host immune response, with a subset of patients developing COVID‐19 cytokine storm syndrome (CSS). Serum inflammatory cytokines are elevated in COVID‐19,  and interleukin (IL)‐6 appears to play a central role in COVID‐19 related CSS.(6–8) Based on the success of IL‐6 receptor blockade for chimeric antigen receptor T‐cell therapy associated cytokine release syndrome (CAR T‐cell CRS), similar strategies using tocilizumab are being investigated in COVID‐19.