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The 5th Annual One Mind Summit: Lessons Learned About “Science Informing Brain Health Policies And Practice”


R. Hicks, S. Johnson, A. Porter, D.F. Zatzick, and The One Mind Summit 2016 Panel Participants.
Journal of Neurotrauma
DOI: 10.1089/neu.2016.4821


Abstract Advances in science frequently precede changes in clinical care by several years or even decades. To better understand the path to translation, we invited experts to share their perspectives at the 5th Annual One Mind Summit: “Science Informing Brain Health Policies and Practice”, which was held on May 24-25, 2016 in Crystal City, VA. While the translation of brain research throughout the pipeline – from basic science research to patient care – was discussed, the focus was on the implementation of “best evidence” into patient care. The Summit identified key steps, including the need for professional endorsement and clinical guidelines or policies, acceptance by regulators and payers, dissemination and training for clinicians, patient advocacy, and learning healthcare models. The path to implementation was discussed broadly, as well as in the context of a specific project to implement concussion screening in emergency and urgent care centers throughout the U.S.