Uman Diagnostics NF-light ®


Uman Diagnostics NF-light ®

UmanDiagnostics, a division of Quanterix, supplies Nf-Light ® antibodies and ELISA kits, which are widely recognized by researchers and biopharmaceutical and diagnostics companies world-wide as the premier solution for the detection of Nf-Light to advance the development of therapeutics and diagnostics for neurodegenerative conditions.


The UmanDiagnostics NF-light test uses two highly specific non-competing monoclonal antibodies. One is immobilized on a solid phase and catches the neurofilament light (NF- L) in solution. The other antibody acts as a detector which interacts with the bound protein and gives rise to a signal through biotin – horseraddish peroxidase avidin binding. The signal obtained from the standard curve corresponds directly to the amount of NF-L.

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