2470 Arrayer


The Quanterix 2470 Arrayer produces high quality microarrays of DNA, proteins, cell lysates and a variety of other samples using its proprietary soft touch deposition technology.  The 2470 is a highly engineered platform designed with quality, reliability, flexibility and true walk-away automation in mind.  Our unique deposition technology enables printing of even complex biological samples onto a broad range of substrates such as slides, membranes, microtiter plate wells, disks, wafers and chips.

Built upon a strong engineering foundation and our staff's years of experience in the microarrayer market, the 2470's innovative design and proprietary technology enable unique features to increase quality.  Such features include sample exposure time compensation to eliminate any evaporation variability due to differences in the distance from sample plates and substrates.  This, in conjunction with our exceptional pin quality, produces extremely low coefficients of variation (CVs), typically ranging from <1 to single digit percentages. 

The 2470 Arrayer has unmatched versatility, able to print any sample type onto substrates with unique shapes and chemistries as well as the most delicate of substrates such as nitrocellulose and silicon chips.  From genomic materials to antibodies and cellular lysates, Quanterix' unique solid pin architecture reliably produces arrays of exceptional quality.

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