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Quanterix Releases Statement

BILLERICA, Mass. – Aug. 27, 2021 – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Quanterix Corporation (NASDAQ: QTRX),
a company digitizing biomarker analysis to advance the science of precision health, today
released the following statement in response to news reports related to Cassava Sciences.

Cassava previously engaged Quanterix’ Accelerator laboratory to perform sample testing based
on blinded samples provided by Cassava. Quanterix or its employees did not interpret the test
results or prepare the data charts presented by Cassava at the Alzheimer’s Association
International Conference (AAIC) in July 2021 or otherwise.

Quanterix is widely recognized for its commitment to business integrity and to upholding the
highest standards of quality. Quanterix’ Simoa technology provides exquisite sensitivity for
detecting and measuring biomarkers across a wide range of disease states, including neurology,
oncology, and infectious disease. The Simoa technology has been trusted by 24 of the top 25
top pharmaceutical companies, and Quanterix customers have described the use of Simoa
technology in over 1,300 research papers and presentations worldwide. 
Quanterix harnesses the power of biomarkers with the latest detection solutions to enable a
precision health vision of proactive, preventative healthcare and believes that, in doing so, can
change the course of how diseases like Alzheimer’s are currently studied and treated.
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