Simoa® Planar Array


Simoa® Planar Array

Next-generation technology for biomarker detection

An incredibly simple, flexible, robust, and ultra-sensitive immunoassay platform for measuring up to 10-plex biomarkers. Its unique capabilities are designed specifically to address many of today’s unmet needs in immuno-oncology and other research areas.

State-of-the-art accuracy, sensitivity and reproducibility with Simoa Planar Array assays

Technology that enables the performance of up to a 10-plex immunoassay, detecting targets at both acute and baseline levels.

Proprietary, high-precision, digital nanofluidic antibody deposition

Provides unprecedented surface chemistry optimization which minimizes non-specific binding and background noise, resulting in excellent assay precision and accuracy.  

Unique spot design

Antibodies are deposited in 12 discrete spots around the perimeter of the well, like numbers on a clock. Each spot contains the capture antibody for one target analyte, enabling performance of up to a 12-plex assay in any well. Save sample volume and cost without sacrificing assay performance characteristics. 

Reaction kinetics optimized by fluid dynamics

The Simoa Planar Array geometry is designed to maximize reaction kinetics and reproducibility within arrays and between wells. By inducing fluid flow streams, or a "vortex" effect,  interactions at the molecular level are increased, diffusion-limited gradients are avoided and exquisite assay sensitivity and precision is achieved.

Optimized image quality and dynamic range

Translucent materials used to manufacture the surface of the planar array plates enable imaging through the bottom of the plate, eliminating optical signal deformations.

Proprietary software incorporates machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to automatically optimize exposure time and number of images to maximize sensitivity and dynamic range for each experiment.

Simoa Planar Array Technology

The ability to discern the earliest stages of disease progression

The evolution of the immunoassay

Revolutionizing new discoveries with ultra-sensitive detection

SIMOA Bead and Planar Array Technology

Enable detection of thousands more targets for drug development, efficacy, and safety.

The evolution of the immunoassay

How it Works

A high level look at a Simoa Planar Array assay, from initiation to imaging.

96-well plates are spotted at the factory with the target analyte(s) of interest

Diluted samples and standards added to each well and the plates are to create a unique surface chemistry and “vortex” effect

Biotinylated detection antibodies are added to form the other half of the immunocomplex “sandwich”

High sensitivity HRP enzyme-conjugated streptavidin is added in between additional shake cycles

Finally, a chemiluminescent substrate is added just prior to ultra-sensitive CCD camera imaging, in order to measure the signal intensity produced by each spot

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