The 2470 Arrayer

Fully automated microarray printer

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Quality, Reliability, Flexibility and True Walk-Away Automation in Mind

The Quanterix 2470 Arrayer produces high quality microarrays of DNA, proteins, cell lysates and a variety of other samples using its proprietary soft touch deposition technology. The 2470 is a highly engineered platform designed with quality, reliability, flexibility and true walk-away automation in mind. Our unique deposition technology enables printing of even complex biological samples onto a broad range of substrates such as slides, membranes, microtiter plate wells, disks, wafers and chips.

Unmatched Flexibility

Sample types can range from DNA to Cell Lysates


Capable of printing on glass, plastic, nitrocellulose and many other surfaces


Exceptional pin quality in conjunction with sample time exposure compensation results in extremely low CVs


Fully-enclosed printing platform with user-friendly software interface

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