by Kevin Hrusovsky

The sudden COVID-19 pandemic has prompted Quanterix to implement sweeping changes at an unprecedented pace. The time is now to unite our global community, take bold steps to halt the spread of this outbreak and minimize long-term impacts on global health.

by Quanterix

Top 5 Reasons We Love Biomarkers…


Imagine you’re in a field the size of Alaska. Now, imagine you’re tasked with finding one specific blade of grass in that field. Seems impossible, doesn’t it?

Enter Simoa, our single molecule array technology. Simoa is so sensitive that it allows scientists and researchers to see minute concentrations of biomarkers in blood and other bodily fluids at this equivalence.

We had the privilege of hosting a webinar led by Dr. Jennifer E. Van Eyk, professor of medicine at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Jennifer has been a long-time friend and supporter of Quanterix and we were honored to have her share her expertise with attendees. During the webinar, Dr. Van Eyk discussed the need for precise protein quantification and identification to advance personalized medicine, which is a topic that is very near and dear to the work we do here at Quanterix. The future of healthcare relies on our ability to accelerate precision medicine to diagnose diseases before symptoms present. 

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