by Kevin Hrusovsky

We recently sat down with oncologist Dr. Azra Raza of Columbia University to discuss her book, The First Cell, our fight to shift healthcare paradigms toward prevention and early detection, and how the Powering Precision Health (PPH) movement and Quanterix can help lead the battle cry for change. Interestingly, I was with Cleveland Clinic executives, healthcare executives, and state of Ohio government officials earlier in the week, and we had the exact same discussion and call to action.

By Dr. Mark Roskey and Dr. David Duffy

We were honored to be able to speak about the promise of immuno-oncology (IO) therapeutics at this year’s Molecular Med Tri-Con conference and the 12th Annual Biomarkers Congress. Bringing together thought leaders from around the world, including academics, pharma customers and therapeutic companies, these conferences are critical for the acceleration of precision health for improved treatment methods across a variety of disease-types.

By Kevin Hrusovsky, CEO and Executive Chairman at Quanterix

It’s time we truly take control of a disease that’s killing 1,500 Americans every single day. Cancer is the second leading cause of death in developed nations and one of the most feared in the United States. That's why detecting disease symptoms BEFORE they're present is critical.

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