Whitepaper and App Notes

Simoa® in Action: Multiple Sclerosis 


Publication Brief

Quanterix’s Simoa® technology delivers the gold standard for early, ultrasensitive biomarker detection in blood, serum or plasma, with the ability to quantify proteins that are far below the Lower Limit of Quantification (LLoQ) in typical immunoassay platforms and access baseline analytes in healthy subjects and disease indicators. The main difference between Simoa and conventional immunoassays lies in the ability to trap single molecules in femtoliter-sized wells, allowing for a “digital” readout of each individual bead to determine if it is bound to the target analyte or not.

Discover a superior way to detect multiple sclerosis biomarkers with greater sensitivity. Review a sampling of recent publications that highlight the application of ultrasensitive Simoa technology in MS research.