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Welcome To Quanterix’ Blog

By Kevin Hrusovsky, CEO And Executive Chairman, Quanterix

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the home of our new blog. We’re particularly excited about launching this blog as it coincides with the re-launch of our Company’s website and new messaging focused on the science of precision health.

We are commercializing disruptive digital biomarker technologies, providing researchers unparalleled ability to precisely examine the continuum from health to disease. We firmly believe this will lead to a transformation in the way medicine is practiced and healthcare is administered. We are committed to catalyzing the science first, with over 80 peer-reviewed science journal publications showcasing the impact Quanterix’ technology is making in the fields of oncology, neurology, cardiology, inflammation and infectious disease.

We have also become the platinum sponsor for a scientific summit entitled Powering Precision Health, which is committed to enabling the transformation from today’s reactive “sick care” to tomorrow’s proactive and preventative healthcare. To enable this vision, we are bringing together renowned scientists, industry leading investors, expert advisors, a proven team and experienced management, to form a collaborative ecosystem, united with the common goal to advance the science of precision health. We are passionate about the potential these technologies enable for early detection, disease prevention and personalized treatments. 

Our goal in starting this blog is to create a forum that brings together key stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem—from researchers, scientists, and investors to patient advocates, pharmaceutical companies and physicians—to share timely insights on these topics and engage in meaningful discussions about the state of healthcare today and in the future.

We’ll be sharing posts on Company news, updates on our Simoa technology, and the latest research across a range of therapeutic areas that our technologies are impacting. We will also have guest bloggers periodically to bring unique perspectives on happenings in life sciences, drug development and precision health.

Please feel free to comment and let us know your thoughts. We welcome the opportunity to have an open dialogue with the healthcare community.

Once again, on behalf of Quanterix, we welcome you to our blog to catalyze science of precision health.

All the best,

Kevin Hrusovsky

Chairman and CEO, Quanterix

Chairman and Founder, Powering Precision Health