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Simoa 2.0: Enabling The Next Generation Of Protein Measurements


05 November 2015

time & location

12:00PM, Virtual

Course Description

We will describe the use of single molecule arrays (Simoa) for the multiplex detection of proteins at very low concentrations. We will provide an overview of the Simoa technology – which is capable of providing a 1000-fold improvement in sensitivity to proteins over conventional assays – and describe how it can be used to detect multiple proteins at the single molecule level. We will introduce Simoa 2.0, our next generation Simoa system that is faster, more robust, and easier to use, that will enable researchers to tackle an even broader range of applications requiring sensitivity, multiplexing, and automation. The presentation will highlight the development of next generation assay protocols with greater robustness; an enhanced, more user-friendly software interface; 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant Software; reduced sample volumes; and an expanded menu, including multiplex panels and multiplex homebrew. The growing recent body of research in applications of Simoa that have enabled unique measurements of proteins across the biomedical arena, including neurology, immuno-oncology, PK/PD, cardiovascular disease, and infectious diseases, will also be highlighted.


Kevin Hrusovsky
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

David Duffy, Ph.D.
Vice President, Research and Chief Technology Officer