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The Role Of Tau And Amyloid In Acute And Chronic Symptoms Following TBI


24 September 2015

time & location

12:00PM, Virtual

Course Description

TBIs are common in military personnel and civilians, placing these individuals at high risk for neurological deficits, as well as chronic traumatic encephalopathy as they progress in age. The reasons why some individuals are at higher risk for these symptoms and deficits remains largely unknown. We have used the Quanterix Simoa system to detect biomarkers that are linked to neurological compromise and cognitive decline including tau and amyloid beta 40/42 to the experience of TBI and chronic symptoms. In a variety of studies we find these biomarkers to be linked to negative outcomes following TBI, suggesting that chronic symptoms related to a similar pathology observed in Alzheimer’s disease. We will also talk about our experiences with the homebrew methods.


Jessica Gill

Kevin Hrusovsky