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Precision Health: Using Blood Biomarkers To Detect And Prevent Disease


29 March 2018

time & location

11:00AM, Virtual

Speaker:  David Duffy, PhD, Vice President, Research & Chief Technology Officer Quanterix
Moderator: Dr. Jayshan Carpen, Moderator, Nature Research

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Precision health centers on monitoring an individual’s health at a molecular level to take into account variability in genetics, environment and lifestyle for each person.
The body’s vascular system is a rich source of information on the health of organs and tissues, and conventional biomarker detection technologies are generally capable of measuring acute disease. However, the most informative biomarkers of disease risk and early progression are often at concentration levels well below the limits of detection.
Recent technological developments have enabled researchers to create ultra-sensitive assays for detection of blood biomarkers with 1000X increase in sensitivity. This is creating a new understanding of disease development and progression by enabling researchers to identify and measure complex biological and pathological processes, and response to drug treatment that provides the basis for realizing the potential of precision health.
During this webcast you will learn/Kevin will address:

  • Blood-based biomarker tests are critical to the future of precision health by measuring pre-symptomatic indications of disease risk and progression
  • Ultra-sensitive assays are providing researchers with an entire new class of biomarkers for monitoring therapeutic efficacy
  • Examples from recent studies enabling new discoveries in the detection and treatment of neurodegenerative disease, inflammatory disease and cancer