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Possible Talk: Building A Scientific/political Ecosystem To Get America Safely Back On Its Feet


26 June 2020

time & location

10:00AM, Virtual

Event DateFri, 06/26/2020 – 10:00AM

10:00- 10:30 Eastern Daylight Time

COVID-19 and the current pursuit to return to “business as usual” has exposed areas of great need and opportunity across the healthcare system. While many organizations have stepped up in the fight against the virus, the reliability of tests, treatments, and vaccines needed to truly reopen the economy continue to be called into question. This is being felt most acutely in serological testing, where an unacceptable number of false positives and false negatives persist today. Collaboration through the crossroads of science and politics is needed to establish proper testing and public policy, so that we can see the interconnectedness of our work and, ultimately, drive new therapeutic breakthroughs and medical discoveries forward.

In this Possible Talk, Kevin Hrusovsky, Quanterix Chairman, CEO, and President and Founder of the non-profit, Powering Precision Health (PPH), explores the intersection of these three elements against the backdrop of COVID-19. He’ll detail how the PPH syndicate is harnessing cutting edge biomarker technology to fuel critical advancements in early detection, enable deadly cytokine storms prediction, and deliver empirical insights into immunity that could help overcome testing challenges and set the stage for reliable, widespread, homecare testing.

Moreover, he’ll discuss the implications of these collaborative efforts to accelerate new therapies and vaccines – and the opportunity before us to rethink the healthcare paradigm and our approach to sicknesses of all kinds, including neurodegenerative diseases, cancers, cardiac conditions, and more.