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Biomarkers For Precision Health: Enabling Applications For Neurological Disease Detection And Monitoring


28 June 2017

time & location

1:00PM, Virtual

In this Webinar Kevin Hrusovsky, Quanterix ​ CEO and Chairman, will discuss the vast potential for Simoa technology to enable a transformation to asymptomatic medicine and precision health. He will show how Simoa technology is being used today in drug development and will ultimately be utilized in next generation health screens, companion diagnostics and point-of-care diagnostics.  Kevin will be joined in this webinar by two global leaders applying Simoa technology in the rapidly evolving field of neurology, namely, ​Dr. Henrik Zetterberg (University of Gothenburg) and Dr. Jessica Gill (NIH).  They will ​provide specific examples of using Simoa technology to measure​ brain health ​biomarkers in blood ​to detect neuro degeneration and traumatic brain injury (TBI), as well as​ provide correlative data enabling stratification of TBI severity and recovery. ​


  • Kevin Hrusovsky, CEO and Executive Chairman, Quanterix,
  • Dr. Jessica Gill, Ph.D., R.N. Investigator at the NIH 
  • Dr. Henrik Zetterberg, MD, Ph.D. Professor of Neurochemistry and Head of Department at University of Gothenburg

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