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Quanterix Announces Kevin Hrusovsky, Chairman And Chief Executive Officer, And Founder Of Powering Precision Health, As Ey Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2019 Award Winner In New England – Video Montage.

BILLERICA, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Quanterix Corporation (NASDAQ:QTRX), a company digitizing biomarker analysis with the goal of advancing the science of precision health, today announced that Kevin Hrusovsky, Chairman and CEO of Quanterix, and Founder of Powering Precision Health (PPH), has been recognized with the Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2019 Award in the New England region by EY. The award acknowledges Hrusovsky’s achievements in healthcare technology innovation, Quanterix’ outstanding financial performance, and his personal commitment to improving precision health.

“We are honored to be recognized by EY,” said Hrusovsky. “This recognition is a testament to just how committed, passionate and capable our team is in their pursuit of a big idea to disrupt healthcare with digital biomarker innovations. We consider our team to be Quanterix employees and their families as well as our customers, investors, partners, patient advocates and key opinion leaders from the medical community. This team assembles each year at our PPH think tank forum to advance precision health using non-invasive biomarker innovations. These innovations promise to enable disease to be detected earlier, before symptoms present, making treatments safer and more effective. The focus is on cancer and neurodegeneration, two of the most devastating disease categories. They are also pioneering next-generation drug development and patient monitoring strategies, increasing the probability that drugs get approved. The longer-term goal is to use biomarkers to help prevent disease from ever triggering in the first place. We are honored to be part of this movement and thank this team for their progress and potential positive impact on society.” 

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