The Future Of 2017 Is Precision Health

By Kevin Hrusovsky, CEO And Executive Chairman, Quanterix

2016 has been a banner year for the healthcare and life sciences industries. This year we saw the launch of critical initiatives like the Vice President Biden’s Cancer Moonshot, aimed at improving our ability to prevent cancer and detect it an early stage. As recently as just this month, we saw the passing of the 21st Century Cures Act, an important step forward in transformation of our approach to precision health, in part by providing funding to some of our most promising research initiatives, setting us up to continue to achieve incredible milestones in 2017 and beyond. 

At Quanterix specifically, we launched several important partnerships to help accelerate disease research and improve human health, including ones with UmanDiagnostics, Banyan Biomarkers, Immunarray, and Frontage Laboratories. We also announced expansion into the APAC region, naming Cold Spring Biotech as our official and exclusive distributor and allowing us to meet an unmet demand for our Simoa technology in Japan, China, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. We had the honor of presenting our technology at some of the most prestigious events in the country including, the JPMorgan Healthcare Conference, Cowen and Company Healthcare Conference, Neuoscience 2016, Bio Investor Forum, the One Mind Summit and the NFL Health and Safety Update & Interactive Head Health Showcase at Super Bowl 50. All of this contributed to numerous industry awards, including being named the 2016 Late Stage Leader by the Buzz of Bio, and being named as one of the world’s most innovative companies in 2016 by Fast Company. I was also humbled to be named a 2016 Innovation All Star by The Boston Business Journal.                                                           

One of our greatest milestones of 2016 was our capital raise, which we announced in March of this year. Our ability to secure $46M in funding from new and existing investors, during a time of flux in the market, underscores the potential of our technology, and its ability to elevate the science of precision health. What’s more, it gave us the capital needed to help us continue innovating and improving our technology, discover new assays, advance new research across a range of therapeautic areas, and ultimately, bring us one step closer to preventing devastating diseases. We’ve continued to experience rapid growth, with a 60% increase in revenue this past year, and a 300% increase over the past three years.

Looking back over the last year at Quanterix, the achievement that we are most proud of is the number of peer-reviewed, third-party research journals published over the past year using Simoa, bringing us to more than 90 publications in total. This validation of our technology’s capabilities across a wide range of therapeutic areas is truly unique. Among some of the capabilities highlighted in these publications was our ability to analyze single cancer cells, establish a connection between several biomarkers and neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease, as well as concussions and CTE, and identify a correlation between elevated levels of the biomarker troponin and heart disease – just to name a few.  

Our ability to see the possibilities of precision medicine enabled myself, along with several other doctors and leaders in the life sciences space, to launch a first of its kind summit, called Powering Precision Health or PPH. With the support of top industry leaders, including Dr. Robert Stern, Boston University; Dr. Denny Ausiello, Mass General Hospital, Dr. Jessica Gill, National Health Institute and Dr. David Walt, Tufts University, we brought together some of the greatest minds in medicine, creating a think tank for all sorts of health innovation and, ultimately, revolutionizing healthcare through precision medicine. I believe we not only succeeded in our goal, but also helped to mobilize the transformation as we look to 2017 and beyond.

All of these accomplishments, whether they be ones achieved by Quanterix or the larger industry, has set the stage for monumental progress in 2017. We will continue to see advancements in precision health – combining the power genomics and proteomics to get a more accurate view of the human body in order to measure the continuum from health to disease. We will see technology continue to advance at an unprecedented pace. We see 2017 as the year that we move forward with the democratization of health assessments with digital technology, big data and wellness studies coupled with comprehensive policy and provider reconfiguration that incentivizes healthy living and “accountable” care. We will see increased collaboration across all key stakeholders, which will further accelerate the transformation of precision health. We could not be more excited for the next 12 months, and hope that you will join us on this journey.