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Products & Technology

Simoa® Bead Technology

Simoa means sensitivity. Find out how Quanterix' Simoa Bead Technology is changing the way in which the biology of health and disease is studied.

Simoa® Planar Array Technology

With Simoa Senstivity™, Quanterix' Planar Array Technology now gives researchers an incredibly simple, flexible, robust, and sensitive multiplex immunoassay platform for measuring biomarkers in most common sample types.

Quanterix Instruments

Precision instruments designed to run Simoa-sensitive immunoassays. Fully-automated or benchtop solutions to propel your research forward.

Simoa HD-1 Analyzer- A fully-automated instrument for running immunoassays in multiple therapeutic areas using the ultra-sensitive Quanterix Simoa bead platform. Learn More »

SR-X™ Ultra-Sensitive Biomarker Detection System -  Access Simoa-sensitive biomarker detection capabilities using the Simoa bead platform, in a compact, affordable system. Learn More »

SP-X™ Imaging and Analysis System - Enables robust multiplex circulating biomarker detection, powered by next-generation Simoa planar technology. Learn More »

Quanterix Assays

Our broad portfolio of available kits spans multiple therapeutic areas including cardiology, infectious disease, inflammation, neurology, and oncology. Choose from our readily-available kits or our homebrew option.

Simoa Bead and Planar Array Assay Kits

Ready-to-use Simoa kits contain all the reagents necessary to run your assay on the HD-1, SR-X™ or new SP-X™ platform.  Search All Assays »


Our unique homebrew capabilities provide the flexibility for researchers to develop custom Simoa Bead or Planar Array assays. Learn More »